Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Optimisim of Grad School?

10/16/12 instagram@kteabam:
Hope ur grams r inspiring this morn...applying them will need more work, but can do.
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Fall 2012 has been a real eye opener and test to if I really want to be in academia...and the answer is yes I do.  I have been reading of all things, how to succeed in graduate school, how to do successful scientific writing and also checking out books like craziness from the library in preparation for proposals and exams in the upcoming months.

Things that keep me going are my instagram. As in a previous post graduate school is pretty isolated. A routine is atypical and revolves around an unsteady schedule of lab meetings, meetings, seminars, group meetings and in between those times organizing personal and peripheral research.  This is just how it is and I like it. Everyday is new and exciting and I get to learn or pick a book from the 1800s once in a while, even check it out of the library (!).  In between these times I check my 'grams' and one morning people felt more inspiring than others, just in time for me to get to writing and get some papers done.

All in all this semester is just as trying as a semester with classes. The best part is the continued zest for learning, reading and exchanging ideas with colleagues, mentors, friends and people at the bus stop.  Just keeping it positive and more work is sure to come.  Whether in school, in the field, in a 9-5 or fishing/farming we are all adapting to a life style of survival we feel most comfortable in or it's just the situation we have to deal with for now. We'll get through it and hopefully with some laughter and a beer with friends.

10/17/12 instagram@kteabam
At Pint+Jigger after a successful advisor and community meeting downtown with kiawe (Prosopis pallida) smoked glass with black marlin porter and good company...the best beer ever, one glass pau.
(photo by: @hcasurf)