Saturday, April 28, 2012

Freeblogging: (One way a Native Hawaiian deals with writing in Academia)

Freeblogging is something I tripped over while looking to see how and what to write freely.  We have all heard of free writing but freeblogging? What an applicable idea in our technological age.  Earlier today, as I was filling my day with things to do and once again avoid my writing works, I thought about how I couldn't remember the last time I wrote a paper by hand, with a pen, on a piece of paper...

I am always having a hard time coming to the computer and finding something to write but in freeblogging there just isn't an option you have to write...or your work is published. And the neat part is, well I think so, is that only you can view it. There are no links to facebook, twitter, instagram, foursquare, coconutwireless available on's just for you.


1. Type (timed or untimed)
2. Published online

In much of my work (talking story, observing, experiencing, photography...) there are so many other things that happen which enhance the event going on.  Freeblogging is way I have found to flush out these ideas and a timestamp is applied.

I have been using freeblogging as a form of recording:

- daily observations
- mental notes during talk story sessions
- things I want to do later, improve
- data collection for research
- notes on photos taken in the day
- recipes completed
- plants planted, watered, transfered,
- project goals and accomplishments
- whatever you want

I'm hoping it'll help out with my dissertation chapter writing in the next few months.
Hopefully it will be helpful to other writers out there too.

And back to writing...